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Triund. Trekkers, hippies, natives, musicians, herders all have climbed these peaceful camping grounds above the trippy bhagsu village in the kangra district of himachal Pradesh.

People from all faith and all countries visit Himachal Pradesh in India for its majestic lord of the ringsy mountains and equally beautiful and interesting people.

Triund is a camping ground near the famous mcleodganj hill station above Dharamshala. Why would one go here? Climb to a mean altitude of 2840 m above sea level? The answer is simple. Because you f*in have to. Well that is true for all of the Himalayas. No matter whether you are in Uttaranchal or Arunachal or Tibet or Bhutan or Nepal the Himalaya’s are freakin awesome. Aahhh I am digressing! I am like a forlorn lover of the Himalayas always waiting to get a glimpse and talking about it!

This is about Triund. Where you get rewards in only 4 hours of climb. What you ask? I say the mesmerizing view of the dhauladhar range, greenest grass to pitch your camp in, water better than your bottled freakin mineral water and clean Himalayan air that will knock you out with a freshness you have forgotten with the years passing by. I know I know why would you believe what you have not seen. Go figure on your own:

Now that I have got you fixed lemme tell you how to enjoy this triptonic of place to the max. No spillin of the fun that one can have at a place like Triund. First thing first- if you litter, if you don’t love the mountains I would say don’t go to Triund or to any other Himalayan holiday that you’re planning or someone else is planning for you. Okay okay enough of preaching. Just make sure to leave the place as it was before your arrival if not better! You would definitely feel better here that I can clairvoyantly say ☺

One can reach Triund top from New delhi in max 24 hrs. However let me not fix you a speedy ☺ From delhi head to mcleodganj in an overnight bus ride. There are good bus service from the Inter state bus terminus at popularly known as ISBT Kahsmere gate. Try to get a government bus as its better and more reliable. Avoid the touts at the entrance and all over the place on Kashmere gate. And if you really are reading this online then you ought to book your bus tickets online. Book your online bus tickets for any place in Himachal Pradesh from this website. Normal, deluxe, AC, AC Volvo there are many buses to choose from. Lemme decipher the AC and AC Volvo anagram for you. The AC Volvo bus is bus of the company Volvo which is more comfortable and faster than the normal AC bus. If you’re short on money I’d suggest the Deluxe option which is comfortable and quite nice for a night long bus ride. I am assuming all of you (all 3 of you who are reading this blog :P) would know how to arrive in New Delhi! Alternatively you can arrive in Chandigarh or Pathankot also and take a bus from there to Mcleodganj or Dharamshala. From Pathankot its 2 hours road journey and from Chandigarh it is 5 hrs road journey.

Once in Mcleod you can take hotel room in Dharamshala/ Mcleod or go to the quieter and serene villages like Bhagsu or Dharmkot. The rule is simple; higher you climb from the town cheaper the rooms become, lesser is the noise from the touristy town of Mcleod , fresher is the air and better is the view. Its quite simple and fantastic. So once you’re settled in your room best is to relax that day and walk around the hills to dharmkot or to bhagsu or to Shiva café near the bhagsu waterfall. Now for people who have time they can chill in Bhagsu or Dharmkot for many days just chilling, eating nice food, meeting all the amazing and eclectic mix of people who cool their hippy heals in these quaint villages all round the year. For people with less time on their hands (these would be my working professionals of the Indian main stream) you gotta hike triund as soon as you can. One day is enough to get rid of the bus ride lethargy, buy some hike necessities and leave for Triund next day at the break of the dawn.

Now for all the highs of Triund there is a downer for the pocket friendly travelers at Triund. Everything is expensive on Triund top. As one of my close friend who is a Triund and Bhagsu regular, its like arriving in Europe where one Banana costs 20 rupees, Biscuits 3 times the MRP and a bottle of water for INR 80! Yes it is expensive but don’t think that there is some evil corporate who is milking your money. All of this stuff goes to the top on the back of the mules or humans. So there is an effort that goes into it.

Even if you have money I’d say buy some of the things like chocolates, dry fruits, biscuits, fruits, maggi noodles (if you have camp cooking gear) and try to take some water with you. There are streams nearby camping grounds from where you can fill and drink crystal clear water which is better than the bottled mineral water we drink. There aren’t any toilets, what do you thought would happen on freakin hike? Buy toiler paper rolls they ll be quite handy ☺ Don’t buy too many things and overload yourself with so much stuff that your climb becomes painful.

Now ask any local the way to Triund. This is the best way to start. Its not that people would give you misleading directions. Its Himcahcal Prasesh after all and people are not tryin to screw with you..generally. Okay okay you can ask anyone way to Galu devi temple. From the temple there is clear trail that goes up the mountain where you have the mountain on your left and the view of Dharmkot village and the valley beyond below on your right. Climb is easy and doable by anyone who is capable of climbing for 4-5 hours. There are 2-3 café’s on the way to the top. You can stop for cuppa or general chitchat and enjoy the view of the valley below. Best time to trek is as early in the day as possible because the Sun is easier on the human body during the early hours of the day.

Don’t litter on these mountains. They are guarded by the fearsome samurai’s popularly known as the Waste Warriors. This not for profit is the brainchild of Jodie from England. They collect waste on this trail and have clean up hikes every week to clear the trails and the bins, which they have installed on the trail over the years. Don’t worry, all they want is to take your waste with you or at the least throw it in the bins and don’t litter this beautiful place. You can volunteer for them and have an awesome time doing it! You can find more info about Waste Warriors here.

Once on the Triund top just soak in the 360 degree view. The valley on your right overlooking Dharmashala and valley on your left looking at the Dhauladhar range up close. After you get back to your senses find a nice corner to pitch your tent. Don’t worry if you don’t have tents on you. There are 2 dhabas on triund top who provide tents, sleeping bags, bedding’s etc. that you can opt for. Only limited stuff available on top so book as soon as you can. There is a possibility that somebody in Bhagsu might have contact with them (Just ask any local shop) and you can call in advance and book your tent.

Once you have found your camping spot do I need to tell you what you ought to be doing? There are beautiful Himalayas all around you, the millions stars which were hiding behind the worldly affairs now appear in full shine blinking and talking to you one on one and amazing people from all over the world.

Your fix is ready sirs and mams, please take a hit.


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    January 19

    thank you for a well guided detail of triund…it helped me during my travel…also the pictures are awesome my friend !! hope to know more of your travels… keep trippin !!!”!!!

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