Keeptrippin is place where people share their travel stories. This is an attempt to share information on remote gateways, road trips, camping out in the open, trippin out in the Himalayas, divin deep in the Arabian sea, biking on crazy roads, discovering new places and new tastes…meeting new people and hooking up with (some of) them!…We share stories and opinions of fellow travelers…backpackers who only wish to be on the road…today.tomorrow.forever.

We are experience junkies trying to find different places..different energies…we travel so that we can see the sights and wonders our planet has to offer before many of them disappear with the sands of time…The idea is very simple…you travel to a place….soak in the natural beauty…learn the culture and history of that place…get amazed every time by the forces of nature…

We exist only to share and care. Our stories are travel tales written by normal people like you and me. Sharing their experience and knowledge. These stories are what but only perception of one single person. Each place is unique and each visit to a place is unique. What you will experience will only enrich you and no one else.

Trip On.